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Path Of Exile Date: Apr/17/18 15:26:25 Views: 39

Does anyone feel the same? There are simply so many items in the game now that trying to find an item that might be to your liking is almost a chore.



Here are 2 example images, 1 is in the website and the other in-game


Notice how much you have to scroll on a tiny window

Still have to scroll a lot


Notice how much scrolling you have to do? It's because there is a big lack of categorization and not only that, items "shows twice". This clutters the store even more.


There's also a lack of a search feature, where you should be able to find for example a skill effect for flameblast or finding specific shields 


Another thing that makes MTX miserable is a lack of previewing, especially in-game. The prices are also very bad, where old armour like seraph from 2013 is about the same price as new armour today in much better quality.


What we need to improve this store is to:


Categorize everything from helmets, portals, body armour and so on


Search feature where you could find what you need


Prices on older mtx slashed, encourages people to try older stuff maybe


Previews on mtx so we can decide if we want to buy it or not


I hope GGG sees this because if MTX are supposed to be the money maker for them then at least make acquiring them not this tedious. Just a remind, don't forget to from U4gm.com to poe currency trade, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

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