Amazing Pegasus Mount in Archeage

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As we all know, the huge Archeage World has lots of car to advice you accomplishment adventure fast and easy. The baiter can accompany you beyond the abstemious and accomplish business, and the glider aswell can accompany you fly in the sky. As for the arise would be the best for amateur in continent, which would you like best? Actually, besides the glider can accompany you fly in the sky, the accomplished Pegasus arise can do it either.


You can buy this Pegasus Arise in Archeage Store, is it amazing? You can fly as you wish, chargeless and excellent. And the archetypal of the horse is so cool, do you like it?This arise can be acquired by all races.Also it accepted as White Pegasus.You can access added armor for your arise (shown on the arise interface screen). Armor can be acquired from abiding NPC's. crafting, drops and events.

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