ArcheAge : Committed to end-of-holiday test server update

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Testing out an amend that's mostly meant to just about-face off the anniversary accident ability assume to be overkill, but ArcheAge has apparent such problems with bugs that the aggregation abaft the bold is allegedly demography no chances. A baby application is currently accessible on the analysis server and will go reside afterwards this week; it contains the shut-off for all of the anniversary contest.



This body aswell contains adjustments to the MTX Pet Healing Potion; the aromatic will now alleviate pets for 100% of their health, and a approaching body will add a awakening effect. A Marketplace accession is aswell slated to go reside on the analysis servers aural the next few days. If you wish to accomplish abiding that everything's alive accomplished afterwards the accident gets angry off, you can hop on the analysis server today.


Advantages of no confirmation:


1. Faster delivery than before;

2. No phone or email confirmation;

3. No personaql info asked.

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