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With the 120 classes available in ArcheAge, you can easily get lost in the sheer amount of information, especially if you are new to ArcheAge or to MMOs in general. So here are some of the most popular builds, chosen for their efficiency, viability and combo diversity.


Blighter: Battlerage/Shadowplay/Defense


A abundant affray chic with a top survivability adjoin archers and warriors. If accompanied by a healer class, and bold that the Blighter isn't up adjoin several mages, a win can even be accessible in 2 vs 5 situations. The downsides are, as you can guess, low affairs of adaptation if attacked by mages, and a low mobility.


Shadowblade: Battlerage/Shadowplay/Witchcraft


Also a applicable affray class, the Shadowblade has hardly lower affairs of adaptation in accumulation fights as compared to the Blighter, but possesses abundant CC skills, and continued combos ambidextrous huge amounts of damage. They accept a college mobility, and are bigger at countering mages.


Darkrunner: Battlerage/Shadowplay/Auramancy


The Darkrunner is basically a Shadowblade, geared adjoin added survivability, and fast strikes rather than continued combos. Auramancy finer offers a appropriate aegis adjoin mage classes, as able-bodied as anti-CC skills. You will depend mostly on your stealth, and abuse analytical hits to annihilate opponents as fast as you can afore jumping aback into stealth.



Trickster: Archery/Shadowplay/Witchcraft


Ranged adaptation of the Shadowblade, the bluff will be awful abased on bow abilities for damage, and witchcraft's CC's to accumulate enemies at bay. With the advanced advance ambit and Stalker's Mark, beat enemies will rarely get abroad from a Trickster.


Shadehunter: Archery/Shadowplay/Occultism


Considered as hardly inferior to the bluff due to the mitigated accident output, the Shadehunter nonetheless possesses some abundant combos, and the Occultism abracadabra accident abilities can plan abundant adjoin concrete tanks. As a Shadehunter, you will wish to use a Staff aboriginal on.


Primeval: Archery/Shadowplay/Auramancy


Ranged adaptation of the Darkrunner, the Primeval possesses a top advancement meant to accumulate enemies at bay while you boring abate their health, Auramancy getting advantageous in countering assertive CC skills. This chic offers a acceptable amount of survivability adjoin mage classes, bold that it isn't ambushed.


Stone Arrow: Archery/Shadowplay/Defense


Basically a Catchbasin archer, the Stone Arrow works abundant in countering added archers, as able-bodied as covering cutting affray players. It charcoal anemic to mages and such confrontations should be avoided.


Skullknight: Defense/Auramancy/Occult


One of the best tanks in the game, the Skullknight is abundant for both accumulation PVE and accumulation PVP, cheeky enemies, and abolition them with Occultism skills. Top survivability in accumulation battles bold that they are backed up by a party.



Abolisher: Defense/Auramancy/Battlerage


Another acceptable catchbasin that can aswell accord some appropriate accident adjoin affray and archer classes, while alms added advancement and anti-CC (Boundbreaker).


Paladin: Defense/Battlerage/Vitalism


True to its name, the Paladin has a top akin of survivability adjoin a lot of classes, and can aswell abutment the affair with heals or by cheeky alarming enemies.


Spellsinger: Sorcery/Shadowplay/Songcraft


While some may altercate that the 1.2 amend bargain the capability of the Spellsinger, it charcoal a awful applicable mage class, acceptance you to ambuscade enemies and celerity them with affluence in a lot of cases.


Daggerspell: Sorcery/Shadowplay/Witchcraft


Great accident with continued combos, and actual advantageous CC abilities that will accomplish the aberration in accumulation fights area you are outnumbered, bold that your teammates don't breach them.



Reaper: Sorcery/Shadowplay/Occultism


Occultism consistently works abundant with Shadowplay, but aswell has some appropriate combos with Sorcery. A able-bodied optimized Reaper can calmly yield down any adversary if it accomplished the attack, with a few exceptions of course.


Templar: Vitalism/Auramancy/Defense


Great to accept on your ancillary in ample calibration wars, the Templar will generally be a part of the endure men continuing if played appropriate with its abundant cocky heals, anti-CC and amnesty to damages.


Hierophant: Vitalism/Auramancy/Witchcraft


Hard to abandoned with, the Hierophant will be a abundant asset in accumulation fights if it has the abutment of a party. Can attenuate enemies, alleviate allies, or advice yield down enemies with a acceptable set of combos.


Necromancer: Vitalism/Witchcraft/Occultism


Great chic to use in battles of baby scales, with bigger accident and CC, but beneath anti-CC with the accident of Auramancy. You can consistently about-face to Templar of Hierophant during ample calibration wars for added survivability.

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