Archeage: Tips to use potions effectively

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The Archeage allows you to actualize potions and you consistently charge potions. Healing potions, backbone potions, potions of concrete protection,magical defense, advance acceleration which can be crafted by alchemist and awash to added players. Crafting potions is a rather way to accomplish some Archeage gold.During the accessible test, there are lots of Archeage Newbie complaint the backbone and bloom aromatic is not abundant at the beginning.To claiming a boss, you charge to amount several potions anniversary time.



As you can see from this table,to ability assorted potions charge lots of money and time. At the alpha date in Archeage, we accept beneath gold and bound activity point, how can we use options easily? Now, we are animated to allotment several methods to use beneath bloom and backbone potions in Archeage!


To use control skill:


The affray chic can use the ascendancy accomplishment to ascendancy the monsters. Actually, the affray chic are beneath to use the bloom potions. They armed with the bowl set items which has top defense, the monster are harder to abort it.


To accept appropriate equipment:


Even admitting you are the advance in Archeage, you still charge accouter with bowl set items. The covering set items wouldn’t access your DPS. Although the covering set items can access the advance speed, to akin up you charge await on bowl set items to access defense.


To yield use of topography:


In the Archeage, the cartography is an important agency you should yield consideration. For example, if you are advancing the monsters on the bridge, afore the monster access to you, just jump off the arch and the monster would chase you. At that time, basically the monster has died.


To make team:


The best way to save potions is make team in Archeage! Not only it can increase the efficiency to finish monster and quest, but also it can reduce the consumption of mana and health potions.

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