ArcheAge Adventure Leveling-Pro guide

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So let’s talk about leveling:

The map in the game is sorta not helpful when it comes to knowing what level the mobs are in the regions, which really bugs me because I sometimes feel like its time to move on to the next zone when its really not. If you like me your will appreciate the following list:


Starting Zones: 1 to 10

(West) Lilyut Hills, (East) Tigerspine Mountains: 10-15

(West) Dewstone Plains (East) Mahadevi: 15-20

(West) White Arden,  (East) Solis Headlands: 20-24 

(West) Marianople, (East) Villanelle: 24-27

(West) Two Crowns (East) Silent Forest 27-30

(West) Cinderstone Moore (East) Ynystere 30-33

(West & East) Halcyona 33-36

(West & East) Hellswamp 35-38

(West & East) Sanddeep 38-41

(West & East) Rookborne Basin 40-44

(West & East) Windscour Savannah 43-45

(West & East) Perinoor Ruins 46-48

(West & East) Hasla 48-49

(West & East) Karkasse Ridgelands 49-50

(West & East) Auroria 50


Over Achieving is a abundant allotment of the game. With some quests (anything that has annihilate X bulk or accumulate X amount) you can “over achieve” by up to 50% of what anytime X is. This gives you added acquaintance and can accomplish leveling faster.


Leveling by crafting. Get annoyed of grinding? You get get acquaintance from crafting, there are affluence of things to accumulate through out the world, cut down copse you find, or accumulate adamant and cook it down. My admired way is to accumulate up as abundant adamant again cook it down, this gives me adamant for after use and with adamant you aswell acquisition rock which can be fabricated into afterlife stones. Fishing is aswell a accomplishment you can akin up and get acquaintance from. Fishing is aswell a money maker after on.


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