ArcheAge Combination Show play Skill Sets

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As a newbie in Archeage, i’m interested in the Skill sets due to the various skills choice and combination. I supposed there is no rubbish character,if you can’t play it well maybe the problem about your operation. Today,we would like to recommend several ArcheAge Showdplay Skill sets combinations.



1.Showdplay + Archery


Recommendation Index: 5 Star


Reasons: The advantage of Showdplay abilities set’s continued ambit advance accomplishment after CD, and top advancement to bout with the Archery accomplishment set’s analytical hit accident is the all-important for awful advancement continued ambit DPS player.


Skills Release:


Stealth(save life) -> Stalker's Mark (damage bonus)-> Charged Bolt->Concussive Arrow(reduce movement speed)->Endless Arrows->Piercing Shot


2.Showdplay + Battlerage


Recommendation Index: 5 Star


Reasons: This is the able able accomplishment body for affray action players!Perfect ascendancy ability, awful analytical hits damage!


Skills Release:


TripleSlash->Wallop(critical hits damage) ->Shadow Step(teleport) -> Shadowsmite(Melee Attack)-> Precision Strike(Increases Analytical Damage)


3.Showdplay + Sorcery


Recommendation Index: 3 Star


Reasons: The awful advancement for Sorcery


Skills Release:


Stealth(close to enemy) -> Overwhelm(stun) -> Shadowsmite(deal top damage) -> Freezing Earth(frozen) -> Searing Rain (extra accident release)-> Drop Back(leap to escape) -> Flamebolt(deal massive damage)


4.Showdplay + Witchcraft


Recommendation Index: 4 Star


Reasons: The accomplishment set of Showdplay bout Witchcraft altogether can ascendancy adversary couldn’t abide in a continued aeon which ensure the analytical hit of Showdplay accomplishment set.


Skills Release:


Stealth(close to enemy) -> Overwhelm(stun) -> Enervate(debuff) -> Banshee Wail(cause fear) -> Shadow Step(teleport) -> Shadowsmite(deal top damage

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