Archeage guide :Trade Routes introduction in Western Continent

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In the Archeage after Bother you can’t cautiously bulb herbs and copse or brand cows, sheeps to accretion absolute or leather. You may get Big Bother by finishing alternation of Barter Run quests from Blue Salt Brotherhood these are altered for anniversary continent. This commodity aims to accommodate the archeage adviser of Barter Routes addition in Western Continent.



Prepare materials: 100 Strawberries and 1 superior certificate


Ways to get strawberries: To bulb 30 strawberries berry and Strawberries crop 3 hours to complete in Temperate Climate.Every autumn from a birthmark yields 3-4 strawberries. For 30 seeds, will bulk you 60 argent which is a huge bulk early, you can calmly abode 30+ birthmark seeds on a baby bother garden.


Buy superior affidavit from crafting merchant for 50 silver


Use the board to ability Solzreed Birthmark Jam. After you ability it you accept to bear it to Gilda Star Trader or Gold Trader in Memoria (red circle)


Trade Run Quest Two - Gwenoid to Solzreed (to bear Gweonid Goose Down Backpack to Solzreed Peninsula as a accolade you accept a donkey)


Prepare Materials: 50 Goose Downs and 1 superior certificate


Ways to get Goose Downs: In adjustment to get the goose downs, you should augment the goose on beans. Anniversary Gosling costs 12 argent anniversary and takes added than 5 hours to mature. Once matured, Geese can be harvested afresh in 3 hours, alone if they are fed beans. About 3-4 Goose Down will be acquired per harvest.


After you crafted Goose Downs you accept bear it to Solzreed Peninsula(red circle) and you will accept a donkey to abound it yourself. Tips, if you don’t fed your donkey on Vita Root and accord baptize aural 6 hours, it may die


Trade Run Quest Three - Lilyut to Marianople (To bear Lilyut Square Artery to Marianople)


Prepare Materials: 30 pcs Rock Brick and one superior certificate


Ways to get Rock bricks: To accomplish rock bricks, you accept to ability 3 raw rock calm at a stonemason workbench. To get the raw stone, you accept to abundance it from adamant attitude nodes amid about the world.


After mining and crafting the rock for the barter pack, run it over to Marianople(red circle) via either carriages or donkey


Trade Run Quest Four - Dewstone to Austera (To bear Dewstone Petal Dye to Austera)


Prepare Materials: 100 Narcissus and One Superior certificate


Ways to get Narcissus: To get abundant for 100 Narcissus, 34 Seeds will answer which will bulk 37 argent 40 copper. Anniversary autumn from Narcissus crop about 3-4 Narcissus.


After you ability the barter backpack to bear it to Austera on the Eastern Continent(red circle). You alone to be withing the amphitheater ambit ambit to complete the task. We do absolutely acclaim you corss the sea to accept a Clipper and added players for protection. Aside from the crisis from pirates, there are Seabugs (Level 30) and Jellyfish(Level 50) that will advance any ship.


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