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The Sloth Glider, the Mirage Bjorne and the Pet Dual Recovery Potion came into ArcheAge accompanying the latest exchange update. According to the fact, ArcheAge Loyalty Store refreshes a new lock-box/crate per month, the arise Mirage Bjorne is accessible as a attenuate bead from the new Ursamancer’s Aecheum Supply Crate in Loyalty Store.



PTS in archeage is underway in bold and I heard about some advice about something new for the exchange amend like:


The Golden Teardrop Accumulator Chest


It’s a 100 aperture accumulator chest which you can aswell get with recipes to Handicrafts.


ArcheAge adaptation 1.2 body 4.18 will add some recipes which are alone accessible on Regal Handicraft Desks for the Spacious Accumulator Chest (50 slot), Illustrious Accumulator Chest (80 slot), and the Golden Teardrop Accumulator Chest (100 slot).


The Land Expansion Certificate item


This account will be accessible from the accessible exchange update, the new application will aswell add a new compound for you to ability it. Players can ability these items at any abode or acreage in the aforementioned way Bound Tax Certificates can be made. To complete the crafting action you will charge 1 Land Expansion Permit and 100 Bound Tax Certificates purchased. You can buy 1 Expansion Permit from accepted merchants with 300 archeage gold.


ArcheAge Version 1.2 Patch 4.18 attaches more importance on gear and skill powerleveling on the path to Level 55. To achieve successful power level, buying some archeage gold is undoubted a good choice. In order to meet our customers’ need of archeage gold for the new contents, a big discount for ArcheAge Gold is upcoming at MmoGah. We will offer you with a 10% discount coupon for 15 days, we guarantee you can get the safest archeage gold with the cheapest price. Stay tuned at 

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