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The anticipation of the sandbox MMO is of course increasing so close to release. A little to reduce the waiting time you, again today concerns an important part of ArcheAge, the professions. There are quite a lot. There are a whopping 21 professions. Here the fundamental bases of these professions - are now by me for you as far as they are known to me.



First of all can you theoretically all these professions to 10000 points hochskillen. Only special craft enthusiasts will do that, but a few of these professions skillt you more or less inevitably a little with high. Two professions can you up to the maximum able (the figures for this maximum skill points vary, anticipates 70000). Should you then always have enough and more professions so far hochskillen, you can buy "Snowflakes of specialization". You will either receive this in the marketplace (cost: 3000 credits) or for 200 gold at the shopkeeper NPC. At the beginning of 200 gold sound of course like a lot, but when you arrive at the point, where the snow flake for you is interesting, that should represent barely a problem. Apart from the Max level, there is still the possibility of more professions higher than 10000 (again I don't prefer specific figures) able to.


But bearing in mind that you're not infinitely many operating points. As a regular player (regenerate the offline Yes faster and even AP) you will need long, to get a professional to the maximum. Divides meaningful points of your work and also your resources you. Finally, there are friendly player and Guild members, so that they can support each other.



The usual suspects


Of course, there are occupations where you met often enough in other MMOs also in ArcheAge. There would be:




Here you can make especially potions and even jewelry. Moreover, mystical hourglasses, which destroyed vehicles can be repaired include the alchemists repertoire. This was a poor choice in any MMO, because potions and the like are needed all the time.




Also here you'll find the usual things first: the caster classes and also fashion clothing is sewn by the brave little tailor. The foundations for this are sheep wool and cotton. Both can theoretically produce you on your own farm. In addition, the tailors in ArcheAge can produce even sailing for ships.




As the name suggests it, metals are processed here - to bars (it is currently still ingot, this translates but hopefully still) and then continue to armor items. Made of metal, the blacksmith manufactures also fishing. A solid professional so, because the audience for armor is quite extensive and thus the one or the other copy can be sure sell well.



Weapon construction


Apart from bars, arches and wands weapon blacksmiths can create everything that is so needed. Also here is the target group of potential buyers. Because the gecrafteten weapons are superior to the other, ultimately hardly anyone will help to purchase such an exquisite piece.


Leather processing


Aside from the leather armor that can be set here, here even the nets for legendary monsters are worth mentioning. Thus, a monster can be caught and sold in the auction house. The networks but do not always work and also the monster that can be caught only, if they have very little life. This is a good career choice in every MMO as well as tailoring and Blacksmithing.



Arts and crafts

Here, the accessories, so rings, necklaces and earrings find their place. But also so-called Luna jewels can be set here. Continue to include recipes for lute (regenerate life, when they are played) and flute (according to mana regenerate) to do so. Chests - so more storage space - which you can place in your House, also belong to the arts and crafts.


Culinary art


With this professional you can first establish "Bread and soup", that you can use after a battle, to quickly your life or Mana points to regenerierren. The next topic is buff food in the form of "roast meat (for strength, agility, intelligence, or spirituality) or"Drinks"(for more life or more Mana).


Was that it?


Of course not. Finally, there are Yes 21 professions! We come to the next professionals who trade in ArcheAge round off the total package:

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