Best time to get Archeage Cheap Gold and Cash Shop Potions

ArcheAge Date: Jan/28/15 13:53:56 Views: 72

There is no doubt, more and more players would choose to away from keyboard in Archeage. Even though EA promised make compensation for every clients, but most of player still facing taxes due. All the crops, housing plots are affected by time during the lengthy maintenance cycle.


So, Trion decided to give away stuff in cash shop as the compensation for this week’s lengthy server. If you're a patron or former patron, you'll be able to claim a patron pack that contains five days of patron time and a bunch of cash shop potions that will help you bypass some of ArcheAge's more annoying gameplay restrictions. And of course they'll whet your appetite for more cash shop potions!If you've never been a patron, well you get fewer potions and no patron time.



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Recently, we have added the new payment of Paydafecard and Sofort in according to most of players requirement. To provide various security payments aim to bring the comfortable and reassuring shopping experience for every one. 

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