Commercial travel in ArcheAge

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Commercial travel is one of the economic foundations in ArcheAge. The principle is simple: produces a local specialty, tie them on your back and bring it to a gold or commodities trader. As a reward, there are gold, Gilda-star or just rare commodities. Next you must transport the commercial packages, the better the reward is. You bring your packets, for example on the other continent, the reward is much better, but the way is also many times more dangerous.



The first four trading trips are something special, because here you the basic principle is explained and you will receive special rewards once. One of them is an ass who can run fast even with a trade package on the back. On the other hand you get for the first trip to another continent, a big scarecrow (garden 16 × 16).


Little things - but powerful!


Trade packets slow you and your mount. The donkey is not affected as a beast of burden thereof. At level 20 the donkey with carrots can run permanently faster.

For your first trip to ArcheAge to another continent you should at least use a clipper adventure. On this even more players can sail across the ocean at the same time. So you can sail out of the way her much lighter hazards. How did such a nice boat comes in, you'll see in our Ship Guide!

With trade packages you can log out but you can not use portals.

Sure you can leave the packages on their own property, so in your gardens. Otherwise the commercial package can be picked up by any and your profit decreases to 20%.

For the preparation and delivery from dealer every 60 operating points are required.

Your reward (gold or resources) will get you only just 22 hours after delivery!



Tip: In the bottom right of your user interface you will find a cog clicks on it and the menu item it appears "AA Wiki". Right now the whole thing is true only in English, but here you can find an overview of all the items and much more, including all specialties!


Use public transport! Airships or coaches in ArcheAge offer you a lot of comfort, speed and you have hardly pay attention to the road. Later in the game you will be able to build their own vehicles. This course also offer a great alternative for your travels.


In particular, if you make yourselves on the way to another continent, you should make a whole caravan. Assumes that will be traveling on the ocean pirates. Also at the point of delivery enemies can wait for you to you abzukn?pfen your precious trade packages. Although there are guards at the gold dealers and resources, but only the player who attacked you punished. Everyone else can pick up your trade package and then collect the lion's share of the reward.

Trade Packages usually consist of specialties, which you can produce at a specialty workbench. Generally there is a workbench for each region, but on the you can make several specialties!


To give you just a brief overview of the first trade missions and their scope, we have adopted here is a list of all materials and the paths for both continents together.

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