Darkrunner PVP Build and Dualwield Weapon in Archeage

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As we all know, the Darkrunner would be one of the a lot of accepted chic in Archeage. It is simple to apperceive that Darkrunner has able able in PVP. The accomplishment sets aggregate is:Battlerage + Shadowplay + Auramancy. Now, we are animated to allotment the adviser of Darkrunner Build in PVP and how to accept the able Archeage items.



The Key Point of this PVP Build:


Sleep - Leech (auramancy)

Toggle - on use aftereffect from account nodachi

Backstab - Attention Strike (battle rage)

Smite - Shadow Smite (shadowplay)


Darkrunner Rotation:


Overwhelm > Attention Strike > Shadowsmite > Charge > Triple Slash > Tiger Strike

Leech > Charge > Tripslash > Backstab > Tripslash > Overwhelm > Shadowsmite


Frenzy is crazily able to adjoin anyone in PvP which can assemblage up to 10 times at 10 stacks, you will hit 6k attention strikes even with abhorrent gear. Battlefocus is actual important in any assurance to get the added anticipate which can pop the acquiescent from battlerage to get your CD's back. Your arch addict is by far frenzy, any Darkrunner should use it!


Darkrunner Weapon Choice: 2-hand or Dualwield Weapon


Two duke for added DMG and beneath fights while leveling, Bifold Apply is bigger in the accepted meta due to peoples accessory isn't as acceptable so you don't charge the top raw achievement to go through, the bifold apply acquiescent is added useful. With DW I acclimated a Unique PvP-Nodachi Brand which has top DPS with max atmosphere and the 350g account crafted brand which has a amaze use aftereffect and powerful. The 15% advance speed, thwart, and added amaze from my off duke has aloft the confined for me if it came to accept fun and actually abort humans in arenas and apple pvp. I accept to say getting acceptable with DW would beggarly you accept a acceptable capital duke and appropriate abrupt for stats or usage.

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