Experience to Get a Sloth Glider in ArcheAge

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Both of which are so cute to attract my attention, especially the sloth glider. I believe it must also be your taste!If you are advantageous abundant to get a Sloth Glider of your actual own, you can aswell get a sloth companion, again how can we get a Sloth Glider? I will allotment some acquaintance with you.


In general, there are 3 agency to get one of your own. From the Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest in marketplace, from the Loyalty Store, from the ArcheAge Screenshot Challenge of PTS.



The Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest has a adventitious to accommodate it, maybe with a low probability. That means, even if you pay for it, the aftereffect is all depends. Certainly, this chest will aswell accept a adventitious to bead one high-tier Feast Table, which is a addict aliment for a 10-people group.


The Sloth Glider is aswell a new Loyalty Store Item, which you can get with 350 Loyalty Tokens. If you accept abundant Tokens, it’s absolutely a section of cake!


If you wouldn’t like to absorb your money, or don’t accept abundant Loyalty Tokens, or unluckily, you paid for the Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest but didn’t get one, again do not feel upset, I will acquaint you addition method.


Have you heard about the ArcheAge Screenshot Contest?


Top ten winners of this challenge will anniversary accept a Sloth Glider for his account. The sloth slider is accessible on PTS, you can get one anon by entering the byword “send me a sloth fluffy” into babble and the auto apprentice creamy will acknowledgment you with this beautiful slider.


Capture a screenshot from ArcheAge involving the Sloth Glider on your Public Test Server and column your access as an adapter or a affiliated angel on the afterward official archeage appointment as a acknowledgment to this thread.


ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.18 is traveling to PTS, new portals of dungeons, new quests for Loyal Takens, Red Dragon accessories, and Diving Gifts that you can get every 30 mins, all of them are abstruse and challenging. ArcheAge Gold amount is absolutely low in these days, according to my acquaintance in playingarcheage for a continued time, the amount will access soon, so I advance you to buy some archeage gold now to save your money. You can get it in our site.


Buying some archeage gold before the new patch is your good choice!

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