Guide to the Destroyer class in MMORPG Lost Ark

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Destroyer (Destroyer) is a subclass of the Warrior, de facto one of the strongest in Lost Ark. By no means the fastest and most maneuverable, but the strength of the blows distinguishes him from the rest of the Lost Ark characters.



The content of the article

  • Crusher (Destr): features, pros, and cons
  • How to play the Destroyer class
  • Characteristics, abilities, skills, tripods



Crusher (Destr): Features, Pros, and Cons

This class has the top defense, which allows him to hold large packs and can make leveling easier. Destroyer can stun opponents, knockdown, and throw up. There is a tremendous skill with a lot of damage. Most likely, now, this is the only class that kills the enemy with one blow. It is beneficial for the group, tanking well and taking damage, allowing other damage dealers to deal more damage without straining.



Attention! This class shows itself very well in teamwork, both in PVP and PVE content.


In the end, what can be noted in this class as pluses and minuses?



  • + Big damage
  • + Holds aggro well in PVE
  • + Is a threat to enemies and good support for allies in PVP
  • + Not very difficult pumping due to reasonable protection



  • - This warrior subclass is characterized by low speed, which requires the player to have minimal awareness that he can become easy prey for more maneuverable characters
  • - The class is prolonged



How to play the Destroyer class?

There are actually two game modes: PVE and PVP.



The whole point is the combination of hits with skills: blue and purple. Hitting with blue charges enhances the purple skill, granting shields. Due to shields and high damage in PVE, the hero becomes almost unkillable. In general, any PVE build in the game can be used since it is complicated to spoil something.


The recommended PVE guide for the Destroyer in lost ark online takes 284 skill points:

  • "Crushing Advantage" should be upgraded to level 7, then to level 10, since initially there may not be enough points
  • "Crushing of skulls" - the seventh level
  • "Absorption of energy" - the tenth level
  • "Crushing advantage" - the tenth level
  • "Steel Ram" - the fourth level
  • "Cry of the Erdligs" - the seventh level;
  • "Earth Disturbance" - the tenth level
  • "Tectonic fault" - the tenth level
  • "Hammer of Doom" - the tenth level


Build from ModiEx

  • "Crushing of skulls" - the seventh level
  • "Absorption of energy" - the tenth level
  • "Cruel blow" - the seventh level
  • "Ruthless Rush" - the seventh level
  • "Cry of the Erdligs" tenth level
  • "Earth Disturbance" - the tenth level
  • "Hammer of Doom" - the tenth level
  • "Tectonic fault" - the tenth level


Dexterity is the priority here, followed by Crit.



The best element for Destroyer is three vs. three fights. The main thing is not to chase enemies - it's hard to catch up. It's better to interrupt. In battles on the lists (1 vs. 1), the Destroyer becomes a little uncomfortable, especially against an archer, in particular a handy one or an Avatar. These classes can rightfully be considered anti-classes for the Destroyer, they are able to force a cast down, and Destr will stand there and pray for a quick death. A destroyer can easily be knocked down by spells, and due to his slowness, he can be kited right away.

The recommended PVP in Lost Ark the Destroyer (guide) calls for a Sidd build of 268 skill points. This build focuses on agility, area damage, and control.

  • "Skull Crusher" - tenth lvl
  • "Crushing advantage" - the tenth lvl
  • "Steel Ram" - the fourth lvl
  • "Cry of the Erdlengs" - the seventh lvl
  • "Gravity Beam" - fourth lvl
  • "Earth Disturbance" - tenth lvl
  • "Hammer of Doom" - tenth lvl
  • "Gravity Anomaly" - the tenth lvl (last)



Characteristics, abilities, skills, tripods

Desire uses a two-handed hammer charged with the energies of thunder and lightning. Able to slow down opponents, tenacious, and not very mobile.


Abilities and skills:

  • "Hard blow." Destre slams his hammer into the ground, dealing 165 damage.
  • "Energy absorption". Deals 49 damage, begins to accumulate strength, and pulls enemies towards him, simultaneously dealing 148 damage points with eight attacks. Then deals another 49 points of damage.
  • "Gravity Vortex". Prepares for some time and delivers a whirlwind strike, can hit the enemy in one or more attacks for 74, 85, and 186 damage. When fully equipped, it deals 373 damage.
  • Tectonic Rumble - 152 damage, then 410 damage and stun the enemy at 3 seconds.
  • "The Ruthlessness of the North". Moves forward, swinging the hammer in front of him, dealing 61 damage with the first hit and subsequent hits up to 112 per hit.
  • "Seismic Impact". Smashes the ground with a blow, dealing 86 damage, causing a wave that creates a zone of energy release in a radius of 8 meters. The enemy in this area takes 169 damage. It is possible to use the skill on three occasions in a row. The second and third deal 130 and 179 damage (damage over an 8m area also increases).
  • "Crushing Advantage" Two attacks that deal 95 and 121 damage.
  • "Tectonic Fault". Jumps up and shatters the floor with a kick in the air, dealing 74 damage. Rock spikes grow within a 5-meter radius, dealing 676 damage.
  • "Cry of the Erlings". The loud scream deals 275 damage. After not giving in to spells of control - 5 seconds, incoming damage is reduced by -14%.
  • "Earth Disturbance". Destr, swinging from behind, smashes the ground, dealing 204 damage, creating a gravity field, and lifting fragments of stones into the air. After that, it spins three times, deals 46,57,71 damage, and throws stones on the heads of opponents, dealing 248 damage at the same time.
  • Skull Crusher. Jumps up to 10 meters high with an area slam for up to 245 damage.
  • Hammer of Hate. Three consecutive hits with 90, 126, and 144 damage.
  • "Steel ram". Dash in 4 phases up to 5 meters, deals 64 damage. The next cast is a hit for 163 damage.
  • "Virgin of the Void". The Crusher slams the ground with a hammer, knocking him down and creating three gravity traps, each with 111 damage. The traps hide in the center of the radius and deal an additional 111 damage upon contact. Swinging the hammer, dealing two hits for 111 damage, creates a whirlwind that lifts the enemy. Absorbs energy from gravity anomalies, with a powerful jump, reaches fallen enemies for another 110 damage. This skill generates three charges.
  • "Gravity Beam" Places a hammer in front of him, creating a gravity beam, slowly pulling the enemy towards him, dealing 28 damage. The enemy takes up to 158 damage over seven hits. When the energy of the shaft is completely depleted, it deals 65 damage and pulls the enemy to Destra.
  • "Hammer of Doom". For 2 seconds, Destr creates a gravity field around the hammer, lunges one step, and deals 89 damage to the enemy on touch and another 393 damage with the hammer. When the skill is fully completed, Destr dashes 2 meters and deals 786 damage.


Playing Destroyer in Lost Ark is interesting. This is an intense class that has both its pros and cons, which were previously indicated. With proper skill, he is able to defeat any class in the game and is extremely useful in PvE content. For those who choose Lost Ark, the Crusher guide will help to cope with all the obstacles on the way.


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