How botting and hacking affects MMO in Archeage

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In WoW bots have a minimal impact on legitimate players. Bots cannot pvp at any respectable level, and how well bots are doing in pve content is irrelevant to legitimate players. The auction house and the items in general are vastly less encompassing in WoW than a sandbox game like Archeage. There is no land being stolen and they cannot steal your loot in an instance such as a dungeon or raid. They have a minimal impact on gathering and selling of items such as herbs and ore. Bots in WoW are basically playing the game alone, taking nothing from legitimate players and having almost 0 impact on them. 


All they do is make a tiny drop of the over all % of gold that exists in the game, and sell it to people. Hacks in WoW are significantly less common and ones that affect other players are entirely unheard of in all live communities of legitimate players, so if they exist they are not changing the game in the slightest for legitimate players.


In Archeage when a bot or hacker steals a plot of land, uses a radar cheat to detect you, drophacks you, or any of the other things they can do, it affects you directly and it is blatant. You will not find one single story from any legitimate player of WoW about how a guild forced them to d/c over and over while they farmed resources. I can safely say I have no clue what the depths of botting and hacking in WoW have achieved, because in over 5 thousand hours of gameplay since WoTLK I have never once been noticeably affected by a bot or hacker in the game. 


In Archeage I have invested roughly 80 hours and have not gone less than an hour where there was not at minimum blatantly obvious botting going on all around me, and at worst hackers messing about with things I am actively interested in. In fact, by fundamental nature of playing the game as a Patron, I am permanently and irreconcilably affected by hackers that steal extremely limited plots of land forcing prices and demand up, and supply way down.

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