How to begin to playing Archeage ?

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As someone who could't play the beta for more than a few hours, I'm interested in which goals I should aim for when archeage launches. It'd be great if you could share some information regarding housing etc. for people who aim towards different playstyles such as PvP/PvE. I consider myself as a hardcore PvP-oriented Player and that's why I really want to know how I can get ahead of other player regarding PvP-Power. I hope this text wont confuse you since its poorly structured.


Depends. So many different things to work towards in this game. A lot of people will be looking to get land early on. If you are not in the headstart you will have to be quick or you probably wont get a house(you can buy land after they are all purchased but its more expensive.)



Some players are just rushing for lvl 50 and PVP. Others are focusing on maxes out certain crafts.


If you don't have friends to play with I suggest getting higher level earlier on so you can meet up with some players on your server maybe get into a guild early. There isn't a whole lot of player interaction in this game until about 30+. So I think solo players should focus on leveling up so they can be of use to guilds. Best way to level up is to quest.


Some of the best weapons in the game are crafted I believe(but dont quote me on this.) I am unsure but I have heard talk about PVP gear for engame. I don't know how you get it.


I have like 15 friends who are all about to start a clan and play together. We plan on having a lan party on the headstart. We will attempt to get 1 player a farmhouse super quick. That way our guild can start farming legally.


There is just way to many ways to go about this game. Most importantly is to have fun.

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