How to choose your idea ArcheAge class

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If you are the newbie who want to adventure ArcheAge, what is your above concern? Of course, how to accept chic in the bold consistently the important catechism for greenhand. Altered from added MMORPG, ArcheAge has the altered chic system. There are added than 120 classes you can choose. To aces ArcheAge ideal class and able appearance would advice us akin up and acreage gold fast and easy.



1.The combination of ArcheAge Class


Three Skill Sets create a class:


Skill set is the basic element to create class in ArcheAge, as for now, there are 10 Skill sets we can choose, such as, Battlerage, Sorcery, Archery, Vitalism, Occultism, Shadowplay, Defense, Auramancy, Witchcraft, Songcraft. After you arrived at level 5 or level 10 you can choose the second and third skill sets.


2.The Characteristic of 10 Skill Sets:


Battlerage: Attacking Skill Set, which has powerful melee damage, the necessary choice for Melee DPS.

Archery:Attacking Skill Set, which has powerful distance damage, the necessary choice for Distance DPS.

Sorcery: Attacking Skill Set, which has powerful magical distance damage, the necessary choice for DPS Mage

Shadowplay: Attacking assistance skill sets, which has control and explosion skill as well as can stealth

Occultism: Attacking assistance skill sets, which has damage, magic recovery passive skills.

Witchcraft: Attacking assistance skill sets, most of skills have debuff and control effective.

Songcraft: Auxiliary skill sets, which has Buff and regenerate life skills.

Auramancy:Auxiliary skill sets, it can match with any skill sets and the only one has teleport skill.

Vitalism:Auxiliary skill sets, it can match with any skill sets as well as increase viability sharply.

Defense: Defense skill sets, the necessary for MT and all skills prefer to enhancing armor and decrease damage from monsters.



3.To upgrade Aarcheage class involved two aspect:


1.Character Level up (No matter which character you choose, you can acquire skill points through increasing level. When you arrived at level 50, you can totally get 23 skill points)

2.Skill Sets Level up (As long as you increase the skill level that you can learn advanced skills. To learn skill need 1 point)


4.To reset Skills


Same to other online game, you can reset your skill and choose the different skills sets through the NPC. Of course, you should pay for some Archeage Gold. After you chose the new skill sets, you can experience the different class again. If you have enough time to level up 10 Archeage Skill sets, you would the all-around player!

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