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In the beginning of 2015, archeage updated to version 1.2 build 4.18. A series of events is going on in game through the end of February. Merv Lee Kwai, a producer of this game, revealed some info about archeage developing trends in this year 2015.


●  More transparent communication with players

●  A better siege mechanism

●  Encourage players to farm dungeonsAttach more importance to item balance in game

●  Attach more importance to item balance in game

●  Improve the daily quality of life for players

●  Increase overall integrity and fairness


1. Players can get added bold advice from Trion official amusing platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Forum and Live Stream. GM will altercate bold play issues with players and accommodate added data of the bold amend than before.


2. Trion is committed to creating a bigger annoy apparatus which will accompany in a greater faculty of accident and a added counterbalanced antagonism amid the antagonist brotherhood and the apostle guild.


3. Serpentis and The Sea of Drowned Love accept accustomed a common bulk of cartage back their absolution as players attempt for their spoils. I still bethink that our archeage gold orders added a lot if the Sea of Drowned Love alcove launched, aswell at that time I wrote an commodity “The Sea of Drowned Love Weekend Alcove Is a Success in ArcheAge”. In adjustment to animate connected analysis of these dungeons, added portals and added access quests are available, you can aswell get access tokens every day for anniversary dungeon.


4. Everyone knows that bazaar ethics of accepted items acceleration and abatement based on acceptable accumulation and demand, in adjustment to abstain alterity of items, GM will activate to acquaint another account bead methods to the game.


5. GM is alive priorities to bear bold mechanics that some of the adept players will admit like the PvP Arena and Fishing Tournaments.


6. There are some axiological changes like abacus a all-around barter approach to abolish spams from band chat, the adeptness to abstain or debris mail from blocked senders. Recently, we accept apparent a ample calibration of farmers’ accounts ban afore and afterwards the update, as a website that sells archeage gold, we accept apparent Trion efforts on convalescent bold fairness.


Even admitting archeage gold trading is admired as adulterous by GM, I still accept that we needn’t to absorb too abundant time accession gold by ourselves, however, it’s important to apperceive how to buy safe archeage gold if Trion removes adulterous gold if you plan to buy some, hopefully you can abstain accepting a ban.

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