Lost Ark: What to do at level 50? (Equipment, Una, Dungeons, Gold, etc.)

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Lost Ark is a game with a lot of content, which can quickly confuse new players who have reached level 50. Some activities will have more impact on your progress than others, hence the need to prioritize quickly.

Lost Ark: What to do at level 50? (Equipment, Una, Dungeons, Gold, etc.)

  • Follow the quests to Bern-Nord.
  • Equip the Baxtum ship: direction Silensierra
  • Learn how to upgrade your equipment
  • Complete quests that unlock your Awakening skill
  • Unlock Chaos Dungeons
  • Complete your first Una tasks
  • Take on the first Guardian Raids
  • Learn how to generate gold
  • Discover the islands T1
  • The Dungeons of the Abyss: the actual first challenge
  • Avoid the traps of the Cube
  • Close the Gates of Chaos
  • Boarding the Ghost Ships
  • Challenge the World Bosses


Lost Ark has a lot of content; while some are daily, others will only be available once a week. As your equipment evolves, you will unlock new content, which will allow you to continue your evolution. We will tell you more in the rest of the article.



Follow the quests to Bern-Nord.

You have just reached level 50, and any content unlocks, confusing what you should do first. However, after some explanation, you realize that the progression in Lost Ark is quite linear once the priorities are established.



Check-in at Bern-Nord Statue: Anchor Point

Go to the statue in the middle of the city to return to this place each time you play the Song of Return.



Continue the series of quests to obtain the Baxtum

To continue the adventure, you will need a boat capable of navigating the frozen waters of the North of the continent. That's good. The main quest will allow you to acquire The Baxtum, a ship to break the ice.



Equip the Baxtum ship: direction Silensierra

Your priority is to continue the quest that will take you to the frozen continent and allow you to recover your level 302 equipment set and materials that will enable you to improve it. 

For this, you MUST equip yourself with the boat recovered during the main quest. Later, you can navigate the frozen waters aboard the ship of your choice.

From now on, we will no longer speak regarding character level but about equipment level. The questline in Silensierra will take you about 2 hours.

Once you've completed your quests, set off for Château-Bern, using the return song.



Learn how to upgrade your equipment

Now that you have your level 302 equipment, you will have to learn how to improve it via the game's crafting system. To do this, go to the PNG[equipment refinement], which lies south of the city.

The NPC's panel will tell you the number of materials needed to upgrade your equipment. Equipment evolves from Tier 0 to Tier 15, and each successful upgrade will increment the level of the item.

At the same time, the statistics of the equipment in question increase. Here is the gear level for each upgrade level:



Level of improvement Equipment level
+ 0 302
+1 320
+2 340
+3 360
+4 380
+5 400
+6 420
+7 440
+8 460
+9 480
+10 500
+11 520
+12 540
+13 560
+14 580
+15 600


To access the next continent, Rohendel, you must reach item level 460 on your six pieces of equipment (gloves, chest, shoulders, legs, helmet, and weapon).

During the first levels of improvements, the success rate is 100%, which gives you time to familiarize yourself with the refinement system. Then, you will be able to collect star breaths in contents that will be accessible a little later in the game.



Complete quests that unlock your Awakening skill

The awakening skills are 2 in number and are presented as super-skills, which require a specific time before being available again.

When you reach level 50, Beatrice will ask you to meet her in Trixion via Trixion's Song. The dialogue will start a quest line, which is the same for all classes.

The second awakening skill is unlocked after the main quests of Rohendel, and you will notably have to discover the X-301 complex, an island near Artheline.



Unlock Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are unlockable through one of Bern-Nord's first purple quests since it's one of the core contents of Lost Ark. These dungeons will have to be part of your daily rotation since you will have to complete two each day to optimize your progress.



Complete your first Una tasks

Una's Tasks will be the everyday and weekly quests of Lost Ark and are achievable for all your characters. You can perform up to 3 daily Una tasks and three weekly Una tasks on each character.

By completing these tasks, you will collect not only Una's Insignias (exchangeable for gold) but also significant rewards through the Reputation Status system.

You might have to complete the identical Una tasks daily to fill up a reputation bar. Here are some of the rewards you can get through Reputation Status :



Una's Tasks Awards
Run the Port – Agent of Moronto Masterpiece No. 10
Kill the King – Regicide 7th giant heart
Prisoner Release - Legendary Prison Reformer Masterpiece No. 18
Lopang Inc. – Intern Ocean Melody: The Brahms
Defense – Pirate Idol (Pirate Rule) Ocean Predator: The Tragon
The Cursed Ruins – Relic Collector Masterpiece No. 9
The Archaeologist's Request – Defender of the Excavations Masterpiece No. 19
Pest Control – Sea Cleaner Hacker certificate
Catching the Criminals – Aspiring Detective Island Soul of the Fugitives
The New Book – New Book Deliverer Dream Island Soul
Bugs in the Pasture - Beginner Bug Hunter 11th giant heart
True Fermata Manager – Fermata Manager Great masterpiece 28
Gesbroy snack expert – N° 10 delicious snacks Island soul of Gesbroy
Choir teacher – Choir of the island of Murmures skill potion
A Relaxing Summer Job at the Hot Springs – Part Time Employee Great masterpiece 48
Purification Ceremony – Anonymous Militiamen Omnium 2 Star
Ghost Ship: Eibern's Bane – Ghost Ship Infiltrator Phantom Ship: Eibern's Plague
Pirate Star: The Solitaire – Pirate Companion Solitaire Building Plan
Guardian: Message from Lesha Island Soul of Isteri



Take on the first Guardian Raids.

Guardian Raids are bosses you can challenge alone or in a group (up to 4 players). These Guardian Raids offer upgrade materials, as well as rewards that directly improve your character.

You can pick up two Guardian Souls daily, allowing you to fit two Guardian Raids into your daily rotation.



Learn how to generate gold

Lost Ark Gold and silver are the two main currencies of the game since the first allows you to trade with other players, while the second is necessary to pay for the services offered by NPCs.

Many methods generate gold, such as completing Una's Tasks, closing Chaos Gates, or via the Auction House.

One of the primary methods is to complete your daily and weekly Una Tasks to collect Una Symbols. These can be exchanged with a gold merchant, who will allow you to buy bags and chests of gold.



Discover the islands T1

Tier 1 islands allow you to collect upgrade materials that will enable you to reach item level 600. It is also an excellent way to collect island souls, gold, silver, engraving recipes, or pirate options.

Here is the list of T1 islands (feel free to click on the links to discover all the rewards, quests, mokokos, and Una tasks they contain!)



The Dungeons of the Abyss: the actual first challenge

Dungeons of the Abyss are small, scripted raids you can only join in a group. The bosses of these dungeons require solid knowledge, and it will be almost impossible for you to see their end by doing anything.

In addition to offering an exciting challenge, the Dungeons of the Abyss offer materials to forge much better quality equipment than those you can obtain in the Dungeons of Chaos.

There are many Dungeons of the Abyss, accessible from a certain level of equipment:



Tier – Equipment level Dungeon name
1 – 340+ Canyon of the Demonic Beast
Cradle of the Necromancer
1 – 460+ Hall of the Mad Monarch
Hildebrandt Palace
2 – 840+ Wailing Road
Forge of Fallen Pride
2 – 960+ Indolent Sea
Sanctuary of Silent Alaric
3 – 1325+ Eye of Aira
3 – 1340+ Preveza d'Oreha



Avoid the traps of the Cube.

The Cube is a succession of mini-challenges you will have to complete in a given time. These challenges come to life in rooms with four doors, and one of them will open each time you overcome the current space.


These challenges are of several types:

  • Level of Survival (Blue Door): this challenge requires you to run around the room, dodging attacks from bumps, explosions, and a whole bunch of red zones that mean you harm
  • Elite Level (Purple Gate): Eliminate enemies (contains elites)
  • Average Level (Gray Door): Eliminate enemies (waves of normal monsters)
  • Standard level (Green door): Eliminate enemies (waves of normal monsters - ranged attacks)
  • Boss Level (Orange Door): Eliminate enemies (contains one or several bosses)
  • Fortune Level (Golden Gate): Eliminate enemies (has normal mobs and chests – earns gold)


The more rooms you complete, the more your reward chest will be filled. There are different types of bins depending on the level reached in the Cube:

Stage Reward
1 – 2 Nothing
3 – 6 bronze chest
7 – 9 silver chest
10 – 12 gold chest
13 – 14 Platinum Chest
15+ Diamond Chest



Close the Gates of Chaos

Chaos Gates appear multiple times per day in different locations around the world. To close them, you must go to the spawn point and click on the portal to accompany the other players (30 players per door maximum).

Once inside, you'll face hordes of demons and mini-bosses. At the end of the door, you will have to face the main boss to close the door of chaos. Here are the primary rewards:


Chaos Gate Level Awards
Level 302
Level 460
Rift Fragments
Treasure Map T1 (rarelegendaryepic)
Full card deck (unusualrare)
Rage (rare)
Level 802
Level 960
Rift Fragments
Treasure Map T2 (rarelegendaryepic)
Full card deck (unusualrareepic)
Rage (epic)
Level 1302 Rift Fragments
Full Map Pack (rarelegendaryepic)
T3 treasure map (rarelegendaryepic)
Rage (legendary)



Boarding the Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships are events that spawn ships in the sea at three different locations. Each of these boats is accessible from a required level of equipment:


  • The nightmare: Equipment level 460. The latter is located off Bern-Sud
  • The shadow: Equipment level 960, the latter is situated off Felton
  • The Storm: Equipment level 1,370. The last is located off Punika


You will be able to collect many rewards, including refining materials and materials to improve the percentage of success.



Challenge the World Bosses

World bosses do not appear regularly and systematically on the map, and it is possible not to see any appearance for two consecutive days. Go to the Procyon Compass (located below the mini-map) to learn about the apparitions.

These are essential for your progress since they will allow you to recover several collectibles (Island Soul, Omnium Star, etc.). You will also be able to collect more traditional rewards such as Refining Materials, Ability Gems, or Accessories.



On the way to Tier 2 equipment

When you've played through all of the high-level content, you should be close to reaching item level 600. At this point, you'll need to head to Felton, where your Tier 2 gear will be waiting for you.

Progression to Gear Level 802 will be similar, and you will need to participate in the same type of content as listed above. Good luck!

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