One Of The Most Effective Ways Of Becoming Rich Is PoE Vendor Recipes

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In Path of Exile, vendor recipes is one of the best and the most effective ways of becoming rich until you get to the end-game content, and can farm Atziri and Shaper. There are several recipes that should be used unconditionally by all Path of Exile beginners and casual players. This are:




1. Chromatic Orb recipe

Trade any item with red, green and blue sockets linked together. This is the most commonly used vendor recipe in PoE. During leveling your every visit to town should result in you getting 2-3 Chromatic Orbs.


2. Gemcutter's Prism recipe

Trade gems with combined quality of 40% or a single gem with 20% quality. Keep in mind that each combination of gems has to be with at least 40% of quality. If you have gems with a total quality of 80% , but first group has 42% while the other only 38% , you will only receive 1 Gemcuttter's Prism in the trade. The best solution is to always group gems into exactly 40% quality packs, so that you don't loose this extra percents on each trade.


3. Jeweller's Orb recipe

Vendor any item with 6 sockets. If the sockets are linked together it's not advised to vendor it at all, however then it would grant a Divine Orb instead.


4. Cartographer's Chisel recipe

Trade maps with a combined quality of 40% or a single map with 20% quality. This is usually used by players that have already reached end-game content (mid/high tier maps and bosses), when you are no longer interested in clearing the white low-level maps. The recipe however makes collecting any quality map worth it.


5. Cartographer's Chisel recipe

Trade any map and a 20% quality Stone Hammer, Rock Breaker or Gavel (any rarity). This is one of the most profitable recipes that most players may be unaware it even exists.


6. Glassblower's Bauble recipe

Trade flasks with a combined quality of 40% or a single flask with 20% quality. Glassblower's Bauble are not exactly the most sought-after orb in Path of Exile, but this recipe may still grant some extra profits for PoE's newcomers.


7. Orb of Chance recipes

There are 3 known recipes that grant the Orb of Chance. 


8. Orb of Alchemy recipes

There are several ways of obtaining Alchemy Orbs from vendors which are:

-trade 3 identified rare items with the same name for 1x Orb of Alchemy

-trade 2 identified rare items with the same name and quality 20% for 1x Orb of Alchemy

-trade normal, magic and rare, 20% quality item of the same base item type for 1x Orb of Alchemy

-trade normal, magic and rare, 20% quality unidentified item of the same base item type for 2x Orb of Alchemy


9. Chaos Orb recipe

Also known as the "full rare item set recipe". It is the most profitable recipe in Path of Exile. Some fast map clearing builds like Spark Templar or Frostblades Raider may earn over 100 PoE Chaos Orb per day using just this recipe (plus all the directly looted orbs and items). 


It is also advised to trade only unidentified items in this recipe for double Chaos Orb reward. Way under 1% of all rare items you come across will be actually worth 1 Chaos Orb or above, and the most expensive ones are usually crafted anyway.

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