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Gear, you will discover this is a very important aspect of TERA. If you want to want to get the best stats on your gear, the world of Gear Attributes and Upgrading, then I advise you read on and try to get the best stats on your gear. Besides, if you want to arm your gear to the best, then Tera gold is an essential part of you. Welcome to U4GM.com, you have come to the right place for all your Tera gold needs. All clients can buy your satisfied Tera Gold from U4GM with the cheapest price.



During your travels in Arborea, you will come across many “enigmatic” items with a “?” over them. Only these “enigmatic” items can be identified, and only once identified can they be upgraded. To identify the item you will need to buy a common identification scroll at the general vendor.


Upgradable items always have base lower stats than non-upgradable items; however, their potential is far greater. The reason is that the upgradable items can be identified to reveal specific attributes that will aid you in your numerous battles. In short, attributes are stats which activate when certain conditions are met, similarly to crystals. Once the item has been identified it can be strengthened via the enchanting system.


The enchanting system allows you to strengthen your gear and increase its base stats while also giving you the potential to unlock the gear’s attributes. To enchant an item press “T” by default to get the enchanting window. Then right-click the item you wish to strengthen (goes in the middle slot). After you right-click the sacrificial item (goes in the left slot). Finally right click the enchanting powder (goes in the right slot) and click the button to enchant. This system has three main components and this basic formula: Sacrificial gear + Your gear + Enchantment powders = Strengthening(+1) / Failure(0) / Weakening(-1)

The sacrificial gear you must use depends on the tier of the item you wish to enchant. You can only enchant an item by using a sacrificial item of the same tier. Furthermore, the sacrificial item has to be the same type as the item you wish to strengthen. For example, if you try to enchant a weapon you must sacrifice another weapon (any type as long as it is the same tier). The reason why it is called a sacrificial item is that it will be destroyed in the process of enchanting your gear. The tier of an item varies depending on the level of the item.


Different types of enchantment alkahest (I refer to them as powders, much easier to say and type) can be used, each has their own effect but of course, their price greatly varies. The three types are White powder, Pink powder, and Blue powder. Finally, if you are in need of Tera gold but would rather use the money to get some for convenience, then U4GM.com is a trustworthy Tera gold for sale site. For further information read this Tera Strategy Guide. Highly recommended for all players.

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