The 1.7 Russian Version of ArcheAge

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The administrator acquaint on the Russian official website a few absorbing previews.There will be an accident alleged "Eye of the Storm" accessible afterwards the absolution of application Russian ArcheAge Version 1.7. Each day promptly at 21:00 Moscow time in every big city-limits and abreast the alarm Isa a appropriate aperture will be opened, bringing players to the breadth of the "Archipelago absent ships."



The archipelago adventurers will be able to see dozens of barbaric tornado, bent in that you can bound lose the ship. Not anybody can canyon this test, and accordingly not be awry to exercise caution. The capital adversary to players in this breadth will be a abundant Kraken (1.8 actor HP). The alone way to exhausted this adversary is to use a address cannon. I accept to say that this will be a PVP breadth in which besides the bang-up you will appointment adversary players.


After annihilation Kraken you accept to adjustment the alarm Isa. This is not simple job and it takes a lot of time. Different clans will anticipate you from assuming a new task. Once the alarm is repaired, all players continuing next to the alarm will be able to get one pacu deficient resources. Upon the auction of any such backpack costs about 200 units of gold. Such an big-ticket article abnormally allurement pirates.

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