Which type of FIFA 20 cross is best

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Using either the radar or looking into the penalty area (depending on the camera angle you're using) will help you to decide which type of cross is best. For example, if your attacker is goal-side of the defender towards the near post, then a double-tap cross along the ground is going to be the best option. If your player is making a move to the far post, then you want to be holding the cross button-down with L1/LB to ensure the ball clears the defender and the GK. Looking into the box will help you decide if the cross is the best option or whether turning out is going to be the better choice. This is also crucial if you are using semi-assisted settings as, if a player is in space at the far post and another of your players is marked up at the near post, holding the button down for longer will miss these two out and pick out the man at the far post in space.

Which type of FIFA 20 cross is best

With attacking and defending AI undergoing huge revamps with the inclusion of the Frostbite Engine, player movements in the box are vastly improved on FIFA 19. The crossing skill games are beneficial here as you get used to looking into the receptacle for player movement and hopefully deliver into the correct area. Again, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Sellers would strongly recommend spending time playing this skill game if it is something you are struggling with.

TIP – To make your crosses more accurate, you MUST come off the sprint button. Also, the optimum angle for crossing the ball with the most accuracy is 30 - 45 degrees (see diagram on the next page) to allow the natural curve of an out-swinging ball to curve away from the goalkeeper. Crossing with your sprint button held down will mostly result in too much power and not enough accuracy on the cross. Crossing without sprinting allows your players in the box more time to attack the ball and get in front of the defenders, which, is a massive factor in determining if you win the header.

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