ArcheAge Gets Ambrosial Plushie Pet

ArcheAge Date: Feb/28/15 13:25:23 Views: 17

ArcheAge Valentine's Day


If you are planning to add something new to your collections in ArcheAge recently, the Narayana Plushie Pet is a acceptable option. The ambrosial pet that can do beautiful emotes as it levels up. It absolutely will not be too abundant accessible in the action but Narayana Plushie Pet will not abort you and your accompany as a Valentine’s Day allowance in ArcheAge.


The new pet is included in Ruby Valentine Package in the Marketplace for 3555 Credits (1250 Credits for $10 USD). The Package aswell appearance White Romance Table, Glider Customization: Ruby Wings, and Jumbo Baby Narayana Plushie.


Except the Narayana Plushie Pet, the added three items in the Ruby Valentine Package can be purchased alone in the Marketplace.

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