Escape from Tarkov: The complete guide to items and how to buy them?

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Escape from Tarkov is often a gritty, hyper-realistic take within the MMO FPS genre that took the gaming world by storm in 2020 and continues to grow. One of the key aspects of the game is the dynamic trading mechanic, which allows new players to slowly level up their gear and get better items as they play. However, if you're a new player, there's a lot to discover in the game, and learning all the commands and tricks can take a bit of time (and googling).

Escape from Tarkov: The complete guide to items and how to buy them?


How can you get items in Escape From Tarkov From Traders?

The game functions with numerous AI-controlled traders with whom players can trade products. Every trader has a specialty of items they'll sell and obtain from the player, and they only accept a couple of pick currencies in their trade offers. If the player wants to get an item from Prapor, he will need to possess a couple of Tarkov rubles in stock.

Buying and selling things can be an all-natural progression within the game. As players get more valuable gear and tasks become a lot more complicated, traders might be a spot to dump unnecessary products for cash. Or far better loot.


Stick to these actions to trade with AI traders:


1. Open the "Dealers" tab in the game menu.


2. Select a trader you want to deal with.


3. Click on the "Buy" tab at the top left.


4. Drag the items you wish to purchase from the "Showcase" inventory to the central table. You can clear the entire board by clicking the bottom button.


5. Once you have selected all the items, the total price is displayed at the top.


6. Click the "Fill Items" button to deposit an amount of money or items that cover the total price.


7. Click on the "Deal" button below the price to complete the transaction and buy the lot.


That's it! Trading with AI dealers is quite simple. All you have to don't forget is always to have space for the things you will be buying and the currency that the specific trader is prepared to trade handy. The "Deal" button is slightly innocuous initially, and it's an odd decision for the developer to produce it to blend into the menu a lot.


Most AI dealers will engage in barter with the player. Trade can help remove unnecessary or inexpensive items in bulk for a valuable good. It's also a great alternative when you're low on cash and need gear for the next raid.



How to buy an item case in Escape From Tarkov?

Item Crates are notably helpful items in the game. They effectively increase your maximum carrying capacity, as each item will take up relatively little inventory space and have a dedicated inventory space to store other items.

Item crates are scattered throughout the game and game modes, and you can either find them on the map or purchase some of them directly from AI vendors.


Here is a list of item cases you can buy from resellers and their prices:

The Ammo Case: the 4-slot case with 49 slots for loose or packaged ammo. It may be purchased from the level 1 mechanic for four blue powders or from the level 2 mechanic for around 170,000 rubles.


Dogtag Case: A one-slot container for 100 dog tags. You may buy it in the level two therapist for about 300,000 rubles.


Document Case: A two-slot container for 16 slots of anything considered documents or data, such as memory drives and keys. You can find it at the level 2 therapist and is exchanged for a cat figurine, a bronze lion statue, and a horse figurine.


Lucky Slav Junkbox: A 16-slot container that holds 196 slots of all types of loot, making it one of the most efficient item cases. You can buy it from the Level 2 Therapist for around a million rubles or trade-in 100 Level 10 Dog Tags.


Mr. Holodlinick Thermobag: This 9-slot case can hold 64 supply slots (food and water). You can get it from a Tier 2 Jaeger by trading in 10 Hot Rods, five TarColas, five Kippers, and five Cans of Squash.


Pistol Holster: This four-slot holster can hold nine pistol slots and assorted magazines and ammo. It can be exchanged for three Tier 2 Therapist Meds items.


Medicine Case: A nine-slot container that can hold 49 slots of medical items (including non-consumable items). You can buy it from the level 3 therapist for around 380,000 rubles or exchange it with a level 2 therapist with seven medical blood kits, seven disposable syringes, and two slime lines.


Weapons Crate: This 5x2 container contains 50 weapons, ammo, and magazine slots. You can buy it from the level 2 mechanic for 10 Bitcoin. Alternatively, you can buy it from the level 4 skier for ten bottles of vodka, ten bottles of moonshine, and five Snickers bars.


THICC Weapons Case: The most prominent version of the Weapons Case holds 90 slots while only taking up ten. You can buy it from the level 4 mechanic for 20 physical Bitcoins and 20 GP coins.


Item Case: One of the most basic containers, this 16-slot case can hold 64 slots of anything except a few other item cases. You can get this briefcase from a Level 3 Therapist by trading in 20 Ophthalmoscopes and 15 Stacks of Medicine or trading in 150 Dog Tags of Level 15 or higher.


THICC Item Pouch: The larger version of the Item Pouch contains 196 slots for only 15. You can purchase it from the Level 4 Therapist by trading in 15 of each Defibrillator, LEDX, Ibuprofen, and Toothpaste. Alternatively, you can trade 50 bottles of moonshine, 35 bottles of vodka, and 30 bottles of whiskey.


You can use a Grenade Holster to carry 64 grenade slots. This holster takes up nine inventory slots and can be purchased from the Tier 3 Jaeger for 15 SurvL Lighters, 15 Matches, and eight Repellents.


Ammo Crate: This container can only hold 49 loose or boxed ammo slots. You can buy it from the level 1 mechanic by trading five blue and two green gunpowder bottles.


Coin Case: The more extensive version of a wallet, the case can hold 49 currency and coin slots. You can buy it from the Level 4 Therapist for five Golden Chains, two Roller Watches, and two Golden Skull Rings.


SICC Case: This small case holds valuables such as keys, change, coins, or ID tags. It takes up only two slots while offering an additional 25 slots inside and can be easily moved. You can buy it from the Level 3 Jaeger by trading in 12 Paracord, 15 Duct Tape, 15 Electrical Tape, and 15 Nail Bundles.


Keytool: One of the most miniature containers can hold 16 keys in a single inventory slot. You can buy it from the level 2 therapist offering ten bottles of hydrogen peroxide and saline and ten chlorine packs.


Buying item crates from AI traders follows the same steps as purchasing any other item. Once you have checked out the item from the "Showcase" inventory, press the "Fill Items" button to immediately transfer the required items to your side of the stock.


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