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ArcheAge Housing System and help you build house easy

How could you without a house in Archeage? No matter to craft weapon and armor during the later, or raise pets and plant that all need house. There are two different styles in housing and are both available to all players. Today, we are glad to introduce the ArcheAge Housing System and help you build house easy.

ArcheAge Guides - How do you get into Beta

Great news is coming, the ArcheAge Closed Beta starts July 17! Are you ready? After all the years you have been waiting for ArcheAge you finally have a chance to play it, looking forward it.

ArcheAge Closed Beta Starts July 17

ArcheAge Adventure in an open-ended MMORPG freed from predefined paths and progression. Build massive castles and lay claim to lands whose riches fuel a deep, player-driven economy. Band together to protect your fortune in epic siege battles and naval combat - or live the life of an outlaw, prying glory and ArcheAge gold from foes left in your wake.

ArcheAge Guides - Leveling Mounts

Our site has introduced: "How to Get Your First ArcheAge Mount". Then, leveling your mounts.

How to Get Your First ArcheAge Mount

Mounts are our good friends in any MMORPG game, and it is the same in ArcheAge. Various mounts available to you to explore the huge ArcheAge world and to make you faster to desired locations. At the same time, they act also like a "pet" to accompany you. In ArcheAge, you can get the mounts by doing the quest or going specified NPC to buy them.

Europe ArcheAge beta program will be started in July

Until the end of July have to hope for access to the events of the closed beta of ArcheAge fans from mid. The development team has officially confirmed that the beta will start in Europe in July and giveaways are planned.

ArcheAge Update 1.7 Details - New Buildings and Locations

After announcing the upcoming ArcheAge Update 1.7, XLGames released a few more details about the new locations that will be added to the Northern Continent.

ArcheAge closed beta coming this month

ArcheAge originally came out in Korea in January last year and slowly but surely the game has been moving across the globe. The western beta was due to commence in late June/early July but was set back due to the implementation of patch 1.2 on the alpha version.

ArcheAge Weaponry Profession Guide Introduction

We will cover the basic ArcheAge weapons. We hope this guide provided useful information.

Guide to get Scarecrow in Acheage

Scarecrow is a very important part of crafting system in ArcheAge and every player must know about this object because of its useful features. Scarecrow in ArcheAge protects your property and crops from being stolen by other players.

ArcheAge Comprehensive Crafting Guide

It is known to all that ArcheAge is famous for its very huge and interesting crafting system. If you are tired of traditional battles, sieges and dungeons the game offers you to relax building houses or crafting items.

ArcheAge - The Red Dragon will arrive on the Russian version

About the Red Dragon that will soon arrive on the Russian version of ArcheAge.

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