Lost Ark: Which combat items are very useful?

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There are a lot of very useful items in the battle of the Lost Ark game. These combat items come in a variety of forms, including recovery potions, utility Lost Ark items, bombs, and grenades. This article will share some useful items in the battle of the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: Which combat items are very useful?




Lost Ark: Universal Battle Items Guide

Name Description
Green/Blue/Purple Healing Potion Essential for emergency recovery. When you're new, green ones are probably fine. You are expected to use higher-tier potions for more serious challenges like public prog groups.
Signal Flare The map used to locate the boss during a guardian raid. Etiquette is that in a public party, party member 1 uses the first flare at the start of a new run, and after the boss runs away, party member 2 uses the next flare, etc.
Pheromone Bomb Not used by public guardian raid bosses unless the cost of these bombs is near the cost of Signal Flares. When thrown at a boss attempting to run away, it forces them to reappear in the same spot instead of running away, saving travel time—never used in the small desert map.
Dark Bomb Typically carried by support classes for synergy intervals in higher-end raids (lining up everyone's significant bursts all at once). It makes the target take additional damage.
Andropin Potion Huge boost in damage and attack speed for a short period at the cost of some of your HP. This cannot be mitigated by shields and cannot be used if the amount of HP it would take away would otherwise kill you. Expensive but essential for DPS classes for synergy burst periods. For high-end prog, it tends to be recommended to bring.
Awakening Potion Never recommended over Andropin Potion for DPS. It could be brought by support but purely optional. It can be used to refill your identity gauge in a workshop station in an instance and then swap out to a better battle item before a fight begins.



Abyss Dungeon: Eye of Aira (ilvl 1325/1355 Abyss Dungeon)

Name Description
Fire Bomb Used to liberate party members trapped in the heart prison. The first heart prison breaks by the multi-hit, and the second one on the one free party member from the first round of heart prison breaks on damage. You can also toss the Fire Bomb on yourself for the second round to free yourself without the need for allies.
Taunting Scarecrow Useful on any phase transition of the second boss Seto. When he aggros on the scarecrow, it gives the party a very long period of free DPS.



Abyss Dungeon: Oreha Prabasa (ilvl 1340/1355 Abyss Dungeon)

Name Description
Taunting Scarecrow Used in the same fashion as Seto against the first frog boss. Place the scarecrow near the boss at the start of the fight for an extended period of free DPS.
Time Stop Potion Useful if your group is struggling against the frog boss and you don't want to run outside of his huge AOE slam after he spins (assuming you're in a group that fails the spin mechanic).



Abyss Raid: Argos P1 (ilvl 1370 Abyss Raid)




Abyss Raid: Argos P2 (ilvl 1385 Abyss Raid)

Name Description
Destruction Bomb (Sun Party) Used against the dino boss to break his head and tail in the sunroom. Failing the head and tail delays his soft enrage and reduces his HP on the third break.
Whirlwind Bomb (Moon Party) Used to help neutralize Tarbos mini-boss in the moon room so that the party can deal damage.



Abyss Raid: Argos P3 (ilvl 1400 Abyss Raid)

Name Description
Holy Talisman The poison stacks during the dawn (rainy weather) can do a lot of damage if you let too many stacks accrue. Communicate with teammates to dispel their poison stacks if they let it get too out of hand.



Legion Raid: Valtan (ilvl 1415/1445 Legion Raid)

Name Description
Destruction Bomb Essential to strip Valtan's plate armor from him after successfully luring him into pillars during phase 1.
Fire Bomb Used to liberate players from Valtan's imprisonment mechanic.
Holy Talisman Like the poison from Argos P3, bleed stacks from the first boss are very painful and trigger linear attacks when the boss hits you with specific attacks. You should always dispel bleed on two stacks since linear procs on the third bleed (thanks, Ker).
Panacea If you're good on damage and your party sucks at dispelling, Panacea is acceptable instead of Andropin Potion or Awakening Potion as an additional safety measure against the first boss.
Time Stop Potion Can save you from taking damage from Valtan in his desperation attack before transitioning to ghost form. Be very careful with timing the usage of this so that it ends after the slam at the end, or else you may get blown off the platform if mistimed.



Legion Raid: Vykas (ilvl 1430/1460 Legion Raid)

Name Description
Whirlwind Bomb Used in the desperation pattern of Phase 3 Vykas to defeat her once and for all.
Fire Bomb Used in the tentacle pattern of Phase 3 Vykas to help deal with multiple tentacles at once.
Time Stop Potion Used in the second part of the seeing-eye pattern or the whale neutralization pattern in Phase 3 Vykas.
Sleep Bomb Used to dispel the Charmed status in Phase 3 Vykas.



Legion Raid: Kukol-Saydon (ilvl 1475 Legion Raid)

Name Description
Whirlwind Bomb Used to deal with neutralization patterns in P1/P3. Just as insurance, the neutralization checks are pretty lax.
Marching Flag/Sprinting Robe General maneuvering. Useful for certain gimmicks in the P2 55-line pizza pattern and P3 neutralization pattern.
Time Stop Potion Used to save yourself in an emergency. For example, if you mess up the red/blue bubbles in P2 or the final part of the 55-line pizza mechanic.
Sacred Talisman Can be used to dispel the Burn/Fear state from an ally. Fear can only be dispelled from the laser attack.



Legion Raid: Brelshaza P1-2 (ilvl 1490 Legion Raid)

Name Description
Whirlwind Bomb Optional can neutralize the elite in the first part of P1 quicker. It can also be used against the neutralization sphere in the 4-marble pattern against Prokel's Mind in P2.
Destruction Bomb Optional. Usually not used because Thirain is used to break both mini-bosses in the separated section of P1.
Earth Bomb Useful to deal with Prokel in P2 solo battle.
Sleep Bomb Useful to deal with Prokel in P2 solo battle.
Time Stop Potion Useful to save yourself against Prokel in P2 solo battle.



Legion Raid: Brelshaza P3-4 (ilvl 1500 Legion Raid)

Name Description
Whirlwind Bomb Can be used in P3 at the 100 line-neutralization patterns for people struggling. It can also be used in P4 in literally all of the possible patterns and the two neutralization phases.
Fire Bomb This can quickly liberate imprisoned players or yourself in P4 during the blue pattern after neutralizing the cubes.
Time Stop Potion This can be used to save yourself in case of an error in the shape guiding pattern or maze pattern.



Legion Raid: Brelshaza P5-6 (ilvl 1520 Legion Raid)

Name Description
Whirlwind Bomb This can be used in P5 when neutralizing the inner cube dimension at the 11-line pattern. It can also be used after the cube dimension gimmick when making the light line memory pattern to neutralize the boss—also used before the cube dimension gimmick in the triple neutralization pattern. It can also neutralize the boss in the double grab raid wipe pattern.
Sprinting Robe Used to get to your spot more quickly in the memory game for children where you stick the correct shaped meteor in the hole. It can also be used for general mobility in P6 during the other dimension memory gimmick and help you get in the right spot for placing blue and yellow meteors.
Time Stop Potion This can be used to save yourself in P5 if you don't have your re-roll, and she makes the knockdown attack where you have to re-roll into a safe spot. You were used in P6 as a safety measure to avoid getting knocked off the map and avoid red marbles in the Chanmi pattern.



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